An artist is not considered great only based on their technical skills but there are many other factors that are taken into consideration before giving the title of the greatest artist of all time. When we talk about paintings and art, there have been various painters who have created masterpieces and became extremely popular in the field of their work, gaining fame and fortune from their work. But what makes a painter greatest of all time?

While fame and fortune does matter, it is not the only criteria to be considered the greatest painter of all time. You have to have an outstanding combination of creative thinking, technical skills as well as sheer determination in order to earn that title. All these factors combined together help in creating genius masterpieces, that continue to fascinate generations after generations and even hundreds of year after their original creation.

Van Gogh - Starry Night

Given below are some of the artists that are considered greatest painters of all time, while most of them were blessed with fame and fortune and their geniuses were recognized during their lifetime contributing to their unparalleled success, some of these artists were left unnoticed and were not acknowledged until after their death. Irrespective of all that, this artist has continued to live among us through their work and inspired so many more to pursue their passion for art.

  1. Leonardo Da Vinci

One of the most famous art by Da Vinci is the painting of Mona Lisa which is on display at the Louvre museum in Paris, France. This painting is not only considered his best work, but it is the most popular painting in the whole world. Da Vinci is also famous for his painting of The Last supper. He was acknowledged for his creative striking compositions, that are used till date by aspiring painters.

  • Rembrandt

He was a Dutch painter, considered to be the most famous European painter of all time. His refined and expressive approach towards painting made him a dominant force in the 17th century and a beloved painter, favorite amongst the enthusiast till this date.

  • Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh was a Dutch painter, acknowledged until after his death made a prominent mark in the world of paintings. His most famous Starry night painting continues to fascinate and inspire art lovers to this date. His expressive emotions, dramatic brushstrokes and choice of bold colors made his paintings a piece of genius that was recognized much later.