Earning gold is an important part of the gameplay in the World of Warcraft. Gold helps you get training and pay for other important stuffs. At a higher level, you can get more and easy options to make wow classic gold. All the other options that were available when you were at lower levels of the game will still be valid at Higher levels. Apart from those, you will get other options to make gold. 

If you make enough wow classic gold, you can buy a WoW token every month. You do not need to be a Pro level gamer for that. If you have decent skills, you will be easily able to make enough gold for WoW tokens. There are many tips and tricks that you can follow to make gold at Higher levels without putting much effort. 

Continue All The Tips And Tricks From Previous Levels

Tips and tricks from lower levels will still be applicable at higher levels. You should not ditch them after getting to higher levels of the game. They will still be relevant and make you a decent amount of gold. These valuable tips and tricks include:

  1. Be careful while buying anything. Do not spend gold on buying stuff that is not useful. It is better to conserve gold for important things, and only spent on what is actually needed to advance your gameplay.
  1. Go on a lot of quests. Quests provide a nice opportunity to earn gold, advanced gears, and other things that you can either use or sell.
  1. Try to gather everything you see. Upgrade your bag so it can hold the maximum number of stuff. Later you can either sell the gathered items to a vendor or auction them.
  1. Pick up gathering professions instead of crafting professions. That will allow you to make more amount of gold. You can go for up to two or three gathering professions.
  1. Get auction house add-ons. They will keep you updated on the price of the items. This way, you will be able to make the most gold out of the things that you have.
  1. Carefully choose between the things that you should sell and the things you should auction.

Bring The Following Tips And Tricks Into Practise

  1. At higher levels, your biggest opportunity to make gold is your garrison. Try to add more money-making buildings like the Barn, the Salvage Yard, and the Trading Post. A bigger garrison will help you make a bigger pile of gold.
  1. Go on a lot of missions. Try to Grab more and more followers with the skills that you are looking for. Choose followers with a mix of different traits, as that will maximize the total skills you will have to go on the missions.
  1. Build an inn, bunker, barracks, and other places that will maximize your chance of success in the missions. These resources will allow you to pick, prepare, and manage your followers in a better way.
  1. Look for add-on plans to manage your missions. It will help you decide the best team of followers to send on the next mission. 
  1. You should not stay away from running old raids. Old raids can still provide you with a lot of chances to get great rewards. 
  1. Kill and loot everything on your way. Collect a lot of items and sell and auction them whenever you get a chance.