With time there has been a significant change in artworks, not only in the style and technical skills of painting but perspectives and idea of beauty have also evolved. Even with the changing representation of art, the love and passion people have towards painting is still the same. We see geniuses at work with their own modern touch bringing life into their work.

Modern and contemporary art reflects the world today, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. It was first produced in the late 20th century and gained immense popularity during the 21st century. In this article, we will talk about some of the most famous painters of the world today, and how each of them is contributing to the field of art, creating their own legacy.

  1. Liu Xiaodong

He is amongst the most recognised artist in China and one of the top painters in the world today. He is a figurative painter and depicts the life of a common man, homeless people and highlights social problems through his paintings. He uses bold colours in his work to bring emotions to life and strengthen them. He now lives in Beijing and is currently a professor.

famous painters today
  • Takashi Murakami

He has a culturally infused contemporary style of art, which makes him extremely beloved to many but also puts him under criticism from the art enthusiasts. With his self coined style of “super flat”, Takashi is becoming a leading contributor in the world of contemporary art. He has a vast painting collection with price averaging at 1.8 million dollars and his top painting was sold at a price of 4.2 million dollars.

  • Cecily Brown

She is a London born painter and continues to work there till date. Cicely is widely famous for her style of vivid, atmospheric depictions, that are extremely captivating. Her paintings often include figures in erotic positions and shows fragmented bodies. She has a mixed critics ratings, but she certainly is popular among the audience marking her own presence in the market.

  • Jenny Saville

She is a British painter and is gaining an immense appreciation for her work in recent times. Recently, she also became the world’s most expensive female artist by selling her famous painting called Propelled, which was auctioned at a price tag of 12.4 million dollars. Her visual representations of bodies and treatment of nude and voluptuous shows the mastery of her technical skills.