Then has always been debate about if one should pursue art instead of getting a degree in science or related field of technology, mathematics, engineering or any other subject in the mainstream category. People often consider a degree in art not worth pursuing because of uncertainty in the career opportunities that are provided. We fear deviating to a path that is risky and requires extreme determination along with passion. But should this stop individuals from pursuing their passion for art?

With changing times people are realizing a degree in art can also be worth pursuing because of the better opportunities that are now presented. You can get a good job that not only helps you in pursuing your passion but also provides you for your daily living by pursuing a degree in art as well. While some people still worry about the financial security offered by jobs in fine art, it largely depends upon the experience that you can bring in and roles you are applying for. An art degree complimenting your work experience is always appreciated and creates better work opportunities.

pursuing an art degree

Career opportunities with an art degree:

In recent times there has been a lot of work opportunities for people majoring in fine art, which can help them in providing financial security along with pursuing their passion. It offers both money and respect, making it worth pursuing. Some of the career options are:

  • Fine artist
  • Art gallery curator
  • Art director
  • Teacher

An art degree can not only help you in building a career in fine art and painting, but it also opens doors for many other job options that require the skills you gain from pursuing a degree in art. Along with technical skills, an art degree also helps an individual to explore their creative side, shaping them into excellent communicators with great analytical and critical thinking. All these skills along with other soft skills are in demand by many recruiters and give you an upper edge in the selection process.

It is important that you pursue an art degree for the right reasons and should truly enjoy the field of work. It is not an easy option out but rather requires much more dedication and commitment to your work. The good side is the better opportunities for employment which are stable and are not predicted to decline in the coming years but will rather grow at an average rate.