Art and paintings have always been a point of fascination for many and a work of passion for the rest. Paintings have not only been an expression of the individual’s personal creativity but it also reflects the human society and culture one lives in. Paintings are a great window for the past, as it gives us a glimpse of how the society functioned and the cultural values that were practised hundreds of years ago.

With time, the technique and representation of art have significantly changed but the love for paintings and visual art is still the same. People buy and sell beautiful artwork and some themselves engage in the art of painting.

Why are paintings sold at a very high price?

The cost of any painting is not only determined by the beauty of it but there are various factors that contribute to the total price a painting is accounted for. While paintings of some of the greatest painters of the world are understandably sold at a high price, but there are many other seemingly normal paintings which cost a great fortune. This is because a lot goes on in the purchasing and commissioning of artwork, all of which contributes to the bulky price tag.

most priced painting

 Private collectors and art dealers make their own profit and sell paintings at a price which covers their own cost. Purchasing artworks and paintings is now considered a symbol of the wealthy, who pay unbelievably high prices to add on their collections.

Let us look at some of the most priced paintings in the world:

  1. Salvator Mundi ( Saviour of the world ) – Leonardo Da Vinci

Sold in the year 2017 at a massive price of four hundred and fifty-three million dollars in an auction. It was sold to the crown prince of Saudi Arabia and is now an addition to his personal collections.

  • Interchange- William de Kooning

It was painted by a Dutch American abstract painter and was auctioned at a price tag of three hundred million dollars and is now under the possession of Kenneth Griffin, the CEO of hedge fund Citadel.

  • The Card Players- Paul Cezanne

Auctioned in the year 2011 at a price range of two hundred fifty to three hundred million dollars.

  • Nafea Faa Ipoipo ( When Will You Marry? ) – Paul Gauguin

Brought by Qatar’s royal family in the year 2014, it was sold at a price of almost three hundred million dollars.

  • Number 17A – Jackson Pollock

Sold in the year 2015, it was bought by Kenneth Griffin at a price of approximately two hundred million dollars.