Art and paintings have been a form of expression for human beings since ancient times. People drew on walls, painted pictures all of which showed the life in the past. It has always been a point of fascination for many and a work of passion for the rest. Artworks have not only been an expression of the individual’s personal creativity but it also reflects the human society and culture one lives in.

Paintings are a great window for the past, as it gives us a glimpse of how the society functioned and the cultural values that were practiced hundreds of years ago. With time, the technique and representation of art have significantly changed but the love for paintings and visual art is still the same.

Some fundamental painting techniques:

For any individual who plans to pursue a profession in art, it is important that they devote themselves to learning the technical skills required to work with paint. Learning the basic styles and techniques can not only help you in polishing your artwork but it can be immensely beneficial once you start your own journey in the field of art.

painting techniques

Given below is a list of few fundamental painting techniques that can help you in refining your work.

  • Underpainting- use quick-drying paint to create an underpainting which can help you in establishing shadows and textures. Acrylic paints are the best-suited option for this.
  • Blending in- it refers to the initial process of creating shapes and bringing in the general color on your canvas. It is mostly used while working on oil paintings and is the starting procedure which gives the structure, general composition and color layout to the painting.
  • Build the texture- it is important that you show different texture and shades is your painting to differentiate between different components of the painting. It is important that you work with different brushes to get the best results. Along with that, you can also use different materials like sand, toothbrushes etc to add a different texture.
  • Glazing- it is mostly used in intensifying shadows and modulating the colors as per your requirement and a coat of transparent paint is laid over the dry part of the painting.
  • Sgraffito- it refers to the process of scratching away of wet paint, so bring focus on the underpainting. It is mostly used to depict grass, hair and scratches in a painting.